BEF unveils coach plan

  • A draft plan to develop coaching, including creating a national coaching certificate for riding instructors, has been published by the British Equestrian Federation (BEF).

    The project has been masterminded by the BEF’s consultant head of coaching, Colin Wilson, whose expertise is in developing coaching systems for sports from table tennis and rowing to cycling and golf.

    The certificate would not spell the end for existing qualifications; but these would have to “evolve” to meet wider coaching requirements.

    Wilson, previously head of high-performance coaching at Sportscoach UK, explains: “We’re discussing how we can make better links between qualifications, and upgrade them according to government policy.

    “Part of this is agreeing on competences of coaches — for instance, they should demonstrate ability to present, plan and review programmes, and know a bit about psychology.”

    Margaret Linington-Payne, senior manager of education and training at the BHS, says: “There will be tweaks to BHS system. But the fact that the AI is on the national qualifications framework means that side of it is already covered.”

    The 37-page coaching development strategy, available on the BEF website (bef.co.uk), is open to the public for comments until 9 July. To receive a copy (tel: 02476 698877).

    The BEF will submit its delivery plan to UK Sport by 3 September and hopes to get funding to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds to create a new qualifications framework.

  • This article first appeared in Horse & Hound (1 July)

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