Bedmax launches new fuel from waste woodchips

  • A new fuel has been launched, using the by-products of horse bedding.

    Hotmax fuel briquettes are made from the left over dust and wood chips from the production of Bedmax’s horse bedding shavings.

    The product is designed to fuel wood burning stoves, open fires, chimeneas and barbecues and uses waste from the three Bedmax manufacturing plants in the UK.

    Manufacturers Bedmax claim that burning Hotmax generates a high level of heat and low emissions.

    The company says there is 5% wastage from their bedding plants and that Hotmax is an “efficient and economical source of natural fuel.”

    Annually we will produce in the region of 15,000 tonnes of Hotmax from our three Bedmax production plants located in Northumberland, Nottinghamshire and Hampshire,” said managing director Tim Smalley.

    “We were delighted to find a use for the residue which is created by our main manufacturing process. Hotmax is a wonderful source of fuel, it is exceptionally easy to use, provides a good clean source of heat and is a totally environmentally friendly product.”

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