Barefoot riders to tackle 260-mile ride

  • Two advocates of barefoot riding are to hack from north Wales to north Devon on unshod horses to show the possibilities of shoe-less equestrianism.

    Sarah Braithwaite from north Wales and Nic Baker from Exmoor will travel the 260 miles in around 17 days starting 18 July in Mold and ending in Brayford in the Exmoor National Park.

    The sponsored ride is in aid of The Brooke charity, which helps ensure healthy working animals for the world’s poorest countries, and to promote the pair’s book “Feet first: barefoot performance and hoof rehabilitation”.

    Sarah said: “People should be aware they have a choice with shoes and they’re not necessary for everyone. We what to highlight what makes a healthy hoof and how to create healthier hooves.”

    For more details on the ride go to www.ridebare.com

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