Baaa-my pony plays mother to lamb

  • Farmer Jeremy Hosking got more than he baa-gained for when his children’s pony Kes became attached to a newborn lamb.

    The 14hh palomino had been grazing happily with a small flock of Jacob sheep at the farm in Truro, Cornwall, until he took a shine to one of the lambs.

    “He had taken the lamb away from its mother and kept chasing the ewe off every time she came near,” Mr Hosking told H&H.

    “I had to pick up the lamb in the end and Kes was getting quite agitated. He didn’t go for me but he was quite upset [when the lamb was taken away].”

    The sheep have now been moved out of Kes’ paddock but he still shares it with some chickens.

    “He gets on very well with them and if we don’t let the chickens out of their ark in the mornings he bangs on it until we do. He loves the dogs as well,” added Mr Hosking who runs Fentgollan Plants

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