Aspiring equine lawyers win a day’s placement at Dalton’s

  • Three students spend a day in the life of an equine lawyer after winning the inaugural Dalton’s Solicitors’ Equine Lawyer Studentship.

    The aspiring solicitors — Sophie Phillips, Emma Green and Lee Cooper — spent a day with equine lawyer Sarah Jordan learning core elements of equine law, including equine contracts, equestrian property transactions and equine disputes.

    They applied for the studentship by providing short essays to equine specific questions posed by Ms Jordan.

    Michael Dalton, senior partner, of the practice in Petersfield, Hampshire, said that the firm had received a large number of applications of a high calibre but the three students chosen were clearly passionate in their desire to specialise in equine law.

    Sophie Phillips, who travelled from Stratford for the sessions on 12 July said: “My day at Daltons was a fantastic opportunity to explore my passion for equine law further.

    “I was able to engage in all kinds of equine legal matters from property sales to purchase disputes and ultimately realise what it would be like to practice as an equine lawyer.”

    Sarah was delighted with the enthusiastic approach the students took with the tasks set them and as a result Dalton’s is planning to make this an annual national award.

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