Artist uses manure to create sculpture of horse

  • If visitors think the new artwork at HorseWorld in Bristol is a pile of poo they’d be right! Sculptor Sophie Howard is making the life-size model of a horse out of manure.

    The statue is part of a recycling-themed exhibition being held in the charity’s visitor centre from 13 July-30 September.

    Sophie said: “I like making things that are a bit unpredictable and I certainly like the idea of re-using the manure — it seems so right!

    “Each day that I am working on the sculpture, I visit the charity’s muck heap, collect a bucket of poo and then mix it with clay and lime.

    “I like the idea of the horses at HorseWorld giving something back to the people who will visit the exhibition!”

    The frame of the horse is made from willow with the manure and clay mixture pressed towards the outside so that the willow will show, representing the muscles and flesh of the animal.

    Other sculptures in the exhibition include another horse made of thousands of CDs created by Bristol sculptor Dean Williams and a horse’s head carved by chainsaw sculptor AD Tree Pirate.

    Entry to the exhibition is included in admission to HorseWorld’s visitor centre. For more information go to www.horseworld.org.uk

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