Artist produces 100 animal portraits in 100 days

  • Munnings and Stubbs may have been prolific equestrian artists, but did they ever complete 100 animal portraits in 100 days?

    Professional artist Roxanne Gooderham set herself that challenge after becoming inspired by horses when she acquired one on loan in November 2009.

    “I wanted to push myself, experimenting with different mediums and combinations, such as watercolour with charcoal,” said Roxanne, 26, from Staffordshire.

    “At first I thought I wouldn’t have the discipline, but once I’d taken the plunge it became part of my life.”

    The project ran on weekdays from October to March, with many of Roxanne’s “sitters” being horses on the yard where she keeps “Boswell”.

    Roxanne is currently organising for the pictures to be exhibited in her local town of Wolverhampton, where they will go on sale.

    She is best known for her pencil commissions of horses and other pets.

    Visit http://roxannegooderham.weebly.com or view all 100 pictures at Roxanne’s Facebook page.

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