Artist donates painting to Haydon Hunt

  • Animal artist Claire Myers has donated a painting of the Haydon hunt country map to help raise funds for the Northumberland hunt.

    The painting, which features hunting and point-to-pointing images arranged around the map in the centre, has been reproduced as 200 limited-edition prints.

    Haydon Hunt secretary Julie Dixon initially commissioned Claire — who specialises in horses, hounds and dogs — to create the painting, but the artist decided to donate her work to the hunt.

    “Once I’d finished painting I thought it would be nice to donate it for free,” says Claire. “I’ve been supporting the Haydon for 10 years so it was a good way to thank them.”

    The Haydon celebrates its 200-year anniversary in 2010 and has been on a fund-raising drive. So far £4,000 has been raised from sales of the print.

    Copies are still available at £60 each. Contact Claire Myers on 07591 613949.

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