Appeal by callous abuser rejected

  • An appeal by a horseowner responsible for a catalogue of horrific neglect cases has been rejected and her ban on keeping horses increased

    A woman who breached a court order banning her from keeping horses has been given a four month suspended prison sentence and had her ban on keeping horses increased to 12 years by Basildon Crown Court.

    Sandra Carpenter, 50, of St Margaret’s Farm, Little Burstead, was in courtto appeal against a 10-year ban and a six-week suspended prison sentence given to her earlier this year at Basildon Magistrates Court. This was given for causing unnecessary suffering to a grey broodmare, who was subsequently euthanased, and a breach of a ban imposed on her in 1993.

    In October 1993, Ms Carpenter was banned from keeping horses for 20 years, reduced on appeal to 10 years, for causing unnecessary suffering to 12 horses one of which was a severely emaciated bay mare called Annie (pictured). Annie made a remarkable recovery and has since been used in a number of ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) advertising campaigns.

    Michael Smith, ILPH Field Officer, said: “Ms Carpenter is no stranger to courts, but on appeal this Monday she wasn’t quite so lucky as she was in 1993. This time both her ban and her suspended prison sentence were increased.”

    RSPCA inspector Angela Pearce, who prosecuted Sandra Carpenter, said: “We have to protect horses from people like her. I would like to think that the horse’s death wasn’t in vain.”

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