“Animal welfare needs country people”, says Richard Meade

  • Former Olympic event rider and country sports supporter Richard Meade has spoken out on behalf of the Countryside Animal Welfare Group (CAWG) in response to the High Court judgement, which requires the RSPCA to allow potential members to justify their reasons for wanting to join the organisation.

    In this week¨s issue of Horse & Hound magazine, he says:

    “I suspect that the society will now write to everyone whose membership application has been held in abeyance asking them to confirm that their primary interest is indeed animal welfare. And I imagine a similar confirmation will be required from those applying from now on.”Country people are, of course, responsible for the welfare of nearly all farm animals, the vast majority of horses and for tens of thousands of working dogs.

    “It is therefore crucial that we should play a full part in the work of the society and contribute to the debate which will determine its policies for the future.”

    To read more about Richard Meade¨s concerns, see Horse & Hound issue dated 8 February 2001

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