Amerigo unveils new eventing breast plate

  • A new eventing breast plate from Amerigo has been designed for event and jump riders to offer additional security when needed.

    “The unique design of this combined breastplate and martingale allows for total freedom of movement,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “It has an anatomically-shaped chest pad which is softly padded and to which all the various straps are attached.”

    The breastplate has two elasticated shoulder straps. One fixes lower down to the girth straps and the other fixes to the top D rings of the saddle, giving double the security.

    The leather martingale straps are clipped onto the chest pad and are completely detachable.

    It comes in brown, black, Newmarket and aged oak and costs £159.

    For more information visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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