Amerigo launch new event stud girth

  • A new event stud girth has been launched by Amerigo –  in time for the 2012 eventing season.

    It features a combination of leather and rubber.

    “The rubber is very strong and provides excellent protection, while its flexibility and softness is comfortable for the horse,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “The striking pad is made of a lightweight rubber compound that offers protection against knocks and studs.

    “As it is virtually un-damageable the outer shell looks pristine the whole time and is easy to wipe clean. And attached to a soft leather body piece, the calfskin that fits next to the horses skin moulds to the shape of the horse and is natural and breathable.”

    The girth also has two short girth straps at either side with double elastic and features a D ring at the front of the girth for martingale/breastplate attachments.

    It comes in black, brown, red-brown or Newmarket in sizes 60cm-75cm and costs around £272.

    For more information: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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