All World Equestrian Games dope tests come back negative

  • Every dope test taken at the World Equestrian Games came back negative, the FEI confirmed last week.

    No equine blood and urine samples taken from horses at the event in Kentucky (25 September-10 October) have come back as positive for banned substances.

    “This is a great success for everyone involved in equestrian sport and is the best possible endorsement of the FEI’s clean sport campaign”, said FEI president Princess Haya.

    “It also proves the value of the FEI’s educational programme, as athletes and their supporters now know to how to make a clear distinction between the use of routine, legitimate medication and deliberate doping to affect a horse’s performance.

    “Everyone has a role to play in maintaining this clean record going forward.”

    A total of 82 horses — almost 11% of the 752 horses competing at WEG — were tested. This includes all individual medal winners, one member of each medal winning team as well as random samples.

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