All Saddle Solutions launches new Premier close-contact range

  • A new range of Premier mono-flap close-contact saddles has been launched by All Saddle Solutions.

    The range includes the Premier Dressage and the Premier Jump. Both saddles have a single flap and close contact design to “help promote security and enhance communication between horse and rider”.

    They also feature knee rolls and thigh blocks on the upper surface of the saddle to help secure the leg and seat, supporting a more effective riding position.

    The saddles are tailor-made to a design that helps to eliminate pressure points and give maximum freedom of movement in the shoulder and through the back.

    “We have found that the mono-flap design has been really popular with our customers, riders feel a greater connection with the horse,” said Claire Fitzmaurice of All Saddle Solutions.

    “The Premier Jump gives the rider a secure position in the saddle when stirrups are shorter. The knee roll and thigh block help to secure the leg and seat even when tackling big, technical fences. The front of the saddle is cut to fit behind the shoulder to allow free movement for jumping and galloping.

    “With the Premier Dressage, the design helps the rider stay in tune with the horse’s movement and doesn’t restrict the shoulder, even in lateral and extended paces,” she added.

    Both come in double oiled English leather at a cost of £1,350 or calfskin for £1,550.

    Swarovski crystals can be set into the cantle for an additional fee.

    For more information, visit www.allsaddlesolutions.com

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