Airport-style security for Greenwich Park during London Olympics

  • Olympic ticket holders will be hoping for cool weather next August as organiser LOCOG has banned them from bringing larger bottles of liquids – including water and sunscreen – into Greenwich Park and other Olympic venues.

    In similar anti-terrorism rules to those in use at airports, liquids in bottles larger than 100ml will not be allowed through the security checks.

    But LOCOG said it is still considering the rules, including the current total ban on bringing food into the park.

    A LOCOG spokesman said: “We are still finalising the arrangements, but for security reasons bottles over 100ml will not be allowed into the park.

    “There will be a number of free water points within the park, so ticket holders will be able to refill their bottles once inside.”

    She added that smaller items of food may be allowed through the security checks but picnic hampers will be banned.

    “All the rules will be very clearly set out in the paperwork that goes out with Olympic tickets, so there should be no cause for concern,” she added.

    LOCOG hopes to finalise spectator numbers for the cross-country day in Greenwich Park by the end of the month. Further tickets may go on sale if the current 50,000 capacity
    is increased.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (20 October, 2011)

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