Add your experience to equine grass sickness project

  • An ongoing research project into Equine Grass Sickness is seeking public input to help develop a cure or prevent the disease.

    Grass sickness in horses attacks the nervous system and can be fatal. Although there have been several scientific studies, the causes of the disease remain speculative. The UK has the highest incidence of grass sickness in the world.

    The Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy at the University of London would like to hear from any owners of animals who have suffered the disease, or premises where there have previously been outbreaks.

    “We have asked for public input before and had a good response, but we still need to increase the sample size to keep track and detect which factors contribute to the disease,” said the centre’s Sabine Heinrich.

    “We would like to hear about any horses or premises with any connection at all.”

    Contact: sabine.heinrich@pharmacy.ac.uk or equinegrass@googlemail.com, or tel: 020 7753 5846

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