Updated equine travel regulations brought in

  • Changes to the rules regarding travelling horses came in this weekend (Sunday 18 May).

    The Tripartite agreement — allowing the movement of horses between the UK, France and Ireland without the need for a health certificate — has been recently revised.

    Since the agreement — which originally applied only to sport horses — was extended to cover all horses in 2005, movements of lower value animals increased dramatically.

    This has led to welfare issues, opening the door to disease and potential criminal activity. But from 18 May, the agreement will apply only to equines deemed to be of “high health” — including racehorses and FEI sport horses — going to and from France. 

    Movements between the UK and Ireland remain the same due to the shared health status. For all other travel horses must travel with a health certificate issued by a vet.

    “This change was badly needed,” said Roly Owers of World Horse Welfare.

    For more information email: info@bef.co.uk or equine@britishhorseracing.com 

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