The Association of British Riding Schools increase overseas membership

  • The Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) has added two new overseas members — one in Queensland, Australia and another in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    The ABRS was founded in 1954 and runs Britain’s longest-established riding school approval scheme.

    Julian Marczak, chairman of the ABRS said: “We are delighted that these new riding schools have approached the Association for membership, particularly as both are of high quality and been able to meet ABRS inspection standards.

    “We believe there is much for us to learn from our overseas counterparts and they from us.”

    The association also has members in France, Spain and Portugal.

    The ABRS uses the foreign schools to extend its network of approved riding schools and organises overseas trips with UK members to some of the centres.

    “We focus upon education and improving standards wherever possible and this has to be to the good of all concerned in the equestrian industry,” added Julian.

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