Technical merit award added to BE80 events

  • A new technical merit award has been added to all BE80 events to encourage good cross-country riding.

    Riders who go double clear and finish nearest to the optimum cross-country time will be given the new Airowear BE80 Technical Merit (BE80TM).

    At the opening of the eventing season, seven riders were rewarded with the BE80TM.

    The riders were: Annabel Bestford, Heather Durn, Sarah Wilson, Nick De Macedo, Natasha Jowitt, Kristen Baul, and Charlotte Armitage.

    All had their names announced at the event they were competing at and were put into the Airowear technical merit prize draw.

    The winner of the draw will be chosen at the end of the 2015 eventing season.

    Equestrian safety wear company Airowear is a division of hat company Charles Owen and the winner of the draw will receive a voucher to chose a Charles Owen hat of their choice.

    They will also receive a training voucher from BE to help develop them develop their skills.

    “This is a fantastic way for rider to be acknowledged for strong rounds in the jumping phase,” said BE’s Chris Farr.

    “In one of the sections last weekend one of the riders to achieve the BE80TM was placed 25th, so none of the riders ahead of her had achieved the double clear close to the time despite posting good dressage results.”

    Airowear is the title sponsor of this year’s BE80 Training series, introduced in 2009 as an introductory step to eventing.

    “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor the BE80(T). This series not only offers a great step into the sport but also gives excellent opportunities to gain training and ultimately create good and competitive riders,” said Roy Burek, managing director of Charles Owen.

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