Royal Agricultural College becomes a university

  • The Royal Agricultural College now has a new status — as a university.

    Now known as the Royal Agricultural University, the centre specialises in teaching and research in agriculture, agri-business, equine, food, and land and property management.

    “As the Royal Agricultural University we will enhance our position as a world-class higher education institution,” said the principal, Professor Chris Gaskell. “We have a strong reputation for the quality of our teaching, our research and our connections with the industries we serve.

    “University status best describes what the institution does and aspires to do. The university title will benefit our students, their employers and the industries to which they contribute — and agriculture, food and land management are some of the most important industries in the world today.”

    The university, which was founded in 1845, currently has more than 1,150 students, from over 40 different countries, studying on one of its 30 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

    For more information visit: www.rau.ac.uk

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