Footballer backs revolutionary new therapy boot for horses

  • Footballer Wayne Rooney is financing the development of a revolutionary new therapy boot for horses.

    The brainchild of inventor Richard Mills, the Swellaway works by applying cooling, heating and compression to common leg injuries.

    The patented device uses a wireless controller, which can be adjusted depending on the horse’s injuries or exercise routine.

    “Utilising game-changing technology, the boot is an all-in-one electronic device offering treatment without any pipes, water or ice,” said a spokesman for the company.

    The Swellaway therapy boot has taken three years to develop and was trialled last year.

    Further tests are underway before it is launched to the trade at BETA International next year (22-24 February, 2015).

    The boots should be available for horse owners to buy next summer.

    There are also plans to adapt the product for human use at a later date.

    For more information visit: www.swellaway.co.uk

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