Online saddle fitting survey launched

  • A new online survey has been launched to find out how often riders check their saddle fit and how easy it is to find a saddle fitter.

    The survey is being run by saddle designer and manufacturer Sue Carson Saddles.

    Sue Carson, an experienced saddlefitter, believes strongly that “saddle fitting is such a fundamental part of the soundness and mental wellbeing of our horses it should be regarded as a ‘profession’ like an equine dental technician, physiotherapist or chiropractor.”

    Saddlefitters currently need no qualifications to fit saddles, but this needs to change said Mrs Carson to attract “more good people into what is a rewarding career.”

    She believes too many riders still don’t have access to a good saddle fitter and many don’t understand how to find one.

    Mrs Carson has just become an allied trade member of the Society of Master Saddlers (UK).

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