New advanced practitioner status for vets

  • A new advanced practitioner status is being offered by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) from 1 September.

    The new accreditation status is a “middle tier” between veterinary surgeons holding an initial veterinary degree and RCVS specialists.

    Practising veterinary surgeons with at least five years of experience and a relevant postgraduate qualification can apply.

    The need for the new status was highlighted two years ago by Sir Kenneth Calman’s working party.

    Applicants have to undertake 250 hours of continuing professional development, of which 125 hours should be in their designated field.

    The scheme will, said Dr Kit Surgess, “demonstrate to members of the public that a veterinary surgeon is working at an advanced level in their field.”

    Make an online application

    A free webinar about the new status takes place on 30 September at 8.30pm. Register here

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