“Westminster Eight” await judge’s verdict

  • District Judge Timothy Workman is due to deliver his verdict later today as to whether the eight men who stormed into Parliament last year are guilty of causing “harassment, alarm or distress”.

    The defence is arguing that the defendants’ actions were justified under the Human Rights Act, and that they truly felt ignored by the Government so took steps to make their opinions heard.

    “These are their true opinions, rightly or wrongly, and honestly held,” said Edmund Vickers for the defence.

    David Williams QC added: “The chaos was caused only when the doorkeepers came to arrest them. The doorkeepers are anachronistic, they are like Beefeaters at the Tower of London.”

    The group also claims that there is no law preventing someone from entering the floor of the House of Commons, only a convention.

    Whether their case has convinced the Judge though remains to be seen.

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