US rap star goes hunting

  • An American rapper known as “The President'” has shown his support for hunting by riding out with the South Wold hunt and releasing a single

    A rapper from Washington DC known as “The President” made his debut on the British hunting field after spending the morning with the South Wold hunt on Saturday 19 October.

    The President spent four hours out with the South Wold, near Louth in Lincolnshire and said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the day”.

    The President’s support for hunting as a result of a chance meeting with South Wold huntsman James Barclay at the hunt vigil outside Parliament in London.

    The President, whose real name is Samuel Payne, agreed to go hunting and then took the unusual step of launching a music single in support of hunting.

    “For me it’s about freedom of choice and the freedom of voice,” he explained. “How can you speak about something if you have never seen or experienced it?”

    Many people criticise it because they think it is an upper class sport, not because of what it’s actually about.”

    The Liberty & Livelihood single entitled Balance , was released yesterday (21 October) and both The President and the Countryside Alliance have high hopes for a chart entry on Sunday.

    Tim Bonner from the Countryside Alliance said: “We are very pleased that The President is able to support us, we think it’s a great song and are sure it will be high in the charts next week.”

    For more information click here to visit the Countryside Alliance’s website.

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