Tynedale master cleared of firearms offence

  • A joint-master of the Tynedale hunt has been cleared of breaching his firearms certificate by the High Court, after leaving a loaded .22 rifle in his car.

    Frank Houghton-Brown appeared at York Magistrates Court in November 2009 after police broke into his Subaru car in April last year and found the rifle under coats on the back seat.

    A member of the public had told police Mr Houghton-Brown’s dog, shut in the back of the car, was in distress.

    Officers later realised a window had been left open for the Labrador.

    Police found the gun had its safety catch on, but live ammunition was in the breech.

    Magistrates at York cleared Mr Houghton-Brown of the firearms offence, but the Crown Prosecution Service challenged the decision.

    Mr Justice Silber cleared Mr Houghton-Brown at the High Court on 26 November.

    This article was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound, 2 December ’10

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