South Dorset Puppy Show results

    Doghounds.— 1, Parson, by Duke of Beaufort’s Palmer 02 out of Popcorn 03, walked by Mrs S Weld; 2, Mendip (South & West Wilts Mutiny 02-Ember 02), Mrs Sawyer; 3, Meynell, brother to Mendip, Mrs P Oliver. bitch hounds.— 1, Playmate (Romney 01-Playgirl 01), Miss D Wills; 2, Plenty, sister to Playmate, Mrs R Prideaux; 3, Melody, sister to Mendip & Meynell, Mrs Sawyer. champion hound.— Playmate. Best working hound (from 2007 entry).— Darcy (Dalesman 04-Fife (CVNN) Willow 99), Mr & Mrs D Hume. Debenham salver (most faithful walk).— Mrs Sawyer. Roy Cake Memorial Cup (leading SD point-to-point horse).— Massimo, owned by the Fern & Friends Partnership.

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