Saboteurs attack mink hunt

  • A Warwickshire mink hunt was attacked at the weekend by a group of masked saboteurs wielding hammers and pick-axe handles

    A member of the Three Counties Mink Hounds was taken to hospital on Saturday with facial injuries following an attack by more than 65 masked hunt saboteurs.

    The 19-year-old man had a chemical substance sprayed in his face and two other members of the hunt were thrown to the ground and kicked.

    The attack took place at Bidford, Warwicks, where the saboteurs had reportedly been drafted in from Devon, Kent and Basingstoke.

    Mark Allen, from the hunt, said: “We had no warning whatsoever. A large group of antis justswarmed over the fields towards us. They deliberately tried to provoke us by wielding hammers and pick-axe handles.”

    Police were called to the scene and two arrests were made.”An hour passed before the police were able to quell the antis. At least 10 police vehicles were called to the scene, including a police helicopter,” explained Mark.

    A spokeswoman from Leamington Spa police said that officers from two police forces had been sent to the scene: “Two arrests were made on Saturday following the incident. One woman from Reading was arrested on suspicion of assault. The other was a man from Hungerford who was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer. Both have been released on police bail.”

    Director of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting Simon Hart said: “This mindless attack comes at a time when people on both sides of the hunting debate have been invited by the government to take part in a consultation process on the future of the activity.

    “This incident illustrates that the animal rights movement has nothing to contribute to this process other than violence and intimidation.”

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