Pro-hunting protest stops traffic

  • The Countryside Action Network’s protest against a ban on hunting stops traffic in Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire and South Wales

    Motorway traffic in Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire and South Wales was slowed to a crawl this morning (12 July) between 7.15am and 8am as protestors from the Countryside Action Network (CAN) sought to relay their pro hunting message to the government.

    Slow travelling cars and tractors filled a number of motorways for 45 minutes, forcing commuters to match pace and making many late for work.

    The CAN hopes media coverage of this morning’s protests will remind the government they will not give up their pro-hunt campaign.

    However, questions have been raised as to how much slowing rush hour traffic will help their cause.

    Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, Richard Burge, said: “Public support and the weight of public opinion is the greatest ally of rural Britain at this time and actions which undermine that support are therefore counter productive. These protests are therefore nothing to do with the CA and do not have our endorsement.”

    Janet George, spokesperson for CAN, said: “Hunting supporters don’t want to inconvenience the general public – we apologise for doing so – but we do need to get the message across, and the government wants to do more than just inconvenience us for three-quarters of an hour.”

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