Petition against anti-hunting Facebook page

  • Hunt supporters’ relief at seeing the “I love hunting accidentsFacebook page removed was short-lived when the page resurfaced just a day after its demise.

    The anti-hunting page was set up three years ago and aims to “celebrate the deaths and serious injury of killers”.

    Pro-hunting Facebook group Campaigning for Hunting set up a petition two weeks ago asking Facebook to close down the page. The group believed they had succeeded on Monday 15 April, although Facebook kept the petition live with 970 signatures.

    “We made a concerted effort to bring the page down, enough was enough,” said Campaigning for Hunting’s David McNeill, a foot-follower with the West Somerset Beagles and Exmoor Foxhounds.

    “Sadly, it was only temporary, but let’s keep going and hope Facebook will listen.”

    The Countryside Alliance (CA) called upon Facebook to “take down this totally revolting page”.

    “It is very unpleasant, revelling in injuries and death of people taking part in field sports,” said the CA’s Charlotte Cooper. “The comments on the death of Fiona Vigar [Cattistock joint-master who died after a hunting accident this year] and other issues are inexcusable.”

    But the antis are unrepentant. A comment read: “Sorry we’ve been down for a few days, just been doing some maintenance. We are not breaking any laws nor Facebook’s guidelines, we are not going anywhere!

    “We will continue to celebrate when [those who hunt] get what they deserve.

    (I have been loving the pro-hunt people thinking they have won… bad luck, tally ho!).”

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (25 April 2013)

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