Win for Peterborough Festival of Hunting newcomers

  • A Harrier pack showing at last week’s prestigious Peterborough Festival of Hunting for the first time won their first rosette — in the veteran class with a Vale of Lune draft called Charmer.

    Formerly known as the Private Pack when they were formed in 2006 by financier Roddy Fleming, the Sarsgrove began with all draft hounds — 10 couple came from the now disbanded Aldenham — and have 22 couple in their Oxfordshire kennels.

    They are hunted by the professional Chris Bowld, formerly huntsman of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale for 20 years, two days per week, supplementing their Oxfordshire country with areas at Glencoyne in Scotland and invitation days from other hunts.

    Another first at Peterborough was West Country Harriers showing for the first time — the North Norfolk Harriers showed here some 40 years ago, but only recognised studbook Harriers.

    Read Horse & Hound’s full report from Peterborough in this Thursday’s Horse & Hound (26 July, ’07)

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