New campaign to promote face of hunting

  • The Countryside Alliance has launched a series of advertisements featuring ordinary people who hunt in a bid to break down stereotypical viewpoints

    The Countryside Alliance’s Campaign forHunting (CfH) has launched a hard hitting advertising campaign in an attempt to raise support against the hunting ban by breaking down the public’s stereotypical views of people who hunt.

    The seven adverts feature real life hunting supporters who took part in the Liberty & Livelihood March on 22 September in their roles outside the hunting field. The campaign focuses on a vet, a plumber, a nurse, a gay couple, a family, a student and a grandmother and explains why hunting is important to them.

    The adverts all carry the statement “Join the hunt for the facts” and will be placed in 50 major regional newspapers in an attempt to challenge the popular misconceptions surrounding people involved with hunting.

    “This advertising campaign was launched to coincide with the start of the 2002/3 hunting season and shows the diversity of people who hunt,” explains CfH chairman Sam Butler.

    “It features the faces of some of the 407,791 people who marched for Liberty & Livelihood last month. These are real people, not just numbers. We hope to make the public and politicians realise that this is a real issue affecting real people.

    A ban on hunting would not save, nor improve the life of a single animal and would seriously compromise the rights of many ordinary people.”

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