Legal fight against hunt bill

The Countryside Alliance has pledged to fight through the courts the bill to ban hunting, which was voted for in the House of Commons earlier in the month.

Chairman John Jackson, a lawyer himself, also vowed to fight any projected use of the Parliament Act with the help of leading constitutional lawyers.

He says: “In anticipation of the Labour Party’s back-benchers continuing to reject our approach [based on regulation and registration] we will, armed with the advice of leading counsel, mount a challenge in the courts under the Human Rights Act.”

Speaking at Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show, Alliance president Baroness Mallalieu said that they had taken “the best possible advice” and had been assured that, as the Bill was in breach of the Human Rights Act, the government could not force it through.

  • The Rural Army has launched the The STOP-IT (Split The Opposing Parties Into Two) campaign, and urges supporters to join the Labour Party (or Lib Dem or Tory as appropriate) and work to influence government or party policy in favour of country sports.

    For more information visit: www.theruralarmy.co.uk or (tel: 07294 277456).

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