League Against Cruel Sports wants hunt details from National Trust

  • Anti-hunt campaigners the League Against Cruel Sport (LACS) wants the National Trust to publish the times and dates when hunts will be trail hunting on their properties, to help LACS’ self-styled “monitors”.

    But the National Trust has rejected the request as “unworkable”.

    Now LACS has tabled a motion to the National Trust’s annual meeting on 7 November.

    LACS chief executive Douglas Batchelor told H&H: “We don’t think there is any reason why this information should not be in the public domain.

    “Other big land-owners like the MoD manage to do it.”

    He said the move would help his activists “monitor” hunts. LACS has a policy of using video cameras in a bid to gain evidence of law-breaking.

    National Trust spokesman Andrew McLaughlin said: “The resolution refers to sporting activities, not hunting explicitly.

    “The logistics of listing every activity on National Trust land are unworkable. The trustees have recommended the resolution be rejected on the practicalities of carrying it out.”

    Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association Alastair Jackson said: “The National Trust wants to be transparent and helpful to the public, but what LACS has asked for isn’t practical or reasonable.”

    When granting hunts a licence, the National Trust asks them to provide a contact so that any public queries can be passed back to the hunt.

    “The Trust is very helpful when liaising with us, and always has been,” added Mr Jackson.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (1 October, ’09)

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