Join this year’s National Beagling Day

  • The fifth annual National Beagling Day will take place on the 18th November with ‘meets’ taking place all over the country.

    The event, organised by the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB), is an opportunity for regular supporters of beagling to introduce others to the enjoyment of one of the oldest forms of hunting..

    The recent government inquiry into hunting, conducted by Lord Burns, concluded that where hunting and coursing take place, hare numbers tend to be at high levels and that any ban would result in a decline in the hare population in those areas.

    He went on to say that on land where hunting is favoured, the ban may result in a loss of habitat suitable for hares which would have serious consequences for a number of birds and other animals.

    There are 72 packs of Beagles hunting in the UK recognised by the AMHB.

    Sam Butler, chairman of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting, said: “hare hunting with beagles is one of the oldest and purest formsof hunting.

    Its benefit to hare conservation is beyond doubt and has now been confirmed by an independent government inquiry”.

    “National Beagling Day has always been a popular and well attended event and is an ideal way in which to discover thedelights of hounds and hunting in some of Britain’s most beautiful places.”

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