Huntsman helps police to hunt suspected thieves

  • Zetland huntsman David Jukes came to the rescue of Durham Police officers in a 20min high-speed chase over fields on 26 September.

    Police were pursuing two suspected thieves across fields in East Layton, North Yorkshire, but the force’s BMW estates were proving no match for the suspects’ Izuzu pickup.

    Seeing the problem as he returned from autumn hunting, David, 52, offered the use of the hunt Land Rover.

    “It was like some sort of comedy scene. I pulled up beside one of the police cars motioned to the driver and within a millisecond he was in the driving seat and we were off,” said David. “My adrenaline was still up from hunting.”

    He and the officer, who turned out to a chief inspector, followed the men through around 12 hedges and fences before catching up with them.

    The suspects even drove through a field of horses, smashing open the fencing.

    “Knowing the patch the way I do I was able to tell the police which fields he could get out of and those with walls he could not smash through,” David told H&H.

    When the Izuzu finally could go no further the suspected thieves got out and David was instructed to sit on one of them while the officer made an arrest.

    “I gave him a real rocket about letting the horses out,” said David.

    And he added that the chase was a great advert for the hunt’s Land Rover.

    “The Izuzu was wrecked but the Land Rover just needs a new wing, which will be provided by the police.”

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