Hunting without harassment

  • Hunting without harassment, an updated version of the Council of Hunting Association (CHA) and CA’s Hunting Handbook, is released this week. It covers laws on trespass, rights of way and filming — offering step-by-step advice on dealing with monitors.

    The handbook advises:

    • Document all activities during a hunting day: keep a diary, draw a map of where you have been and keep video evidence if possible
    • The CROW Act gives access to land for recreational purposes but not disruption of illegal activity
    • A verbal warning to a trespasser is lawful and must be complied with immediately. If ignored, the trespasser can be physically escorted away
    • Aggravated trespass is a criminal offence and includes anything intended to disrupt lawful activity — including intimidation
    • Film any aggressive behaviour
    • Anything other than passing and repassing and pausing for rest on a footpath is an obstruction
    • Remain polite. If an incident occurs, hunts should be the first to inform police and film if possible
    • If a monitor is filming lawfully, film what they are filming

    Hunting Handbook 2006-2007, Hunting without harassment can be downloaded free from www.countryside-alliance.org.uk or (tel: 020 7840 9200).

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