Hunting supporters to face ‘The 9 Pack Challenge’

  • Five hunt supporters in Scotland are to spend eight days running, cycling and riding 365 miles between the country’s nine mounted packs of foxhounds.

    From 4-11 September, Berwickshire Hunt supporters Rowena Ramsey, Judith Anderson, Amy Brown, Kirstie MacGillivray and Vicky Simpson will cover 365 miles in “The 9 Pack Challenge” to raise money for the hunts and the Eloise and Katie Memorial Trust — named after Katie and Eloise Plunkett, sisters of rider and racing commentator Alice Plunkett, who both died of cancer before they were 30.

    Organiser Ms Ramsey got the idea after comedian Eddie Izzard last year ran 43 marathons around the UK over 51 days. “After that, I reckoned anything was possible,” she told H&H.

    The route will take in a variety of coastal routes, countryside and major cities, according to Kirstie MacGillivray — a solicitor who also events in her spare time.

    “We’ll go from Stonehaven in the north right down to the Borders — riding for two days, cycling for four and running for another two,” said Kirsty.

    “We will be cycling through the middle of Glasgow, but riding in the Borders — that’s the bit we’re looking forward to.”

    As well as the five “challengers”, others will join in for single days — with backup help from fellow hunt supporter Rory Boswell in a support van.

    “I wanted a challenge that would really reflect the two causes,” said Rowena.

    Logistics and construction company The Malcolm Trust is sponsoring the challenge.

    Visit www.justgiving.com/9packchallenge.

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (19 August, 2010)

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