Hunting in the Queen’s speech

  • Key proposals in the Queen’s speech include a provision for a bill on the future of hunting with dogs in England and Wales

    The Government’s proposals for the coming parliamentary year, revealed during the Queen’s speech yesterday, will include a bill to address the future of hunting in England and Wales.

    In her address, the Queen stated that a bill would be introduced “to enable Parliament to reach a conclusion on hunting with dogs”. No further details of their plans were unveiled.

    Countryside Alliance chairman John Jackson said: “The Alliance looks forward to seeing the actual shape of the forthcoming legislation, whichtoday’s announcement leaves unclear.

    “We expect the government to keep its word and make proposals which are fair and based on principle and evidence. Any departure from this would result in resistance not only by rural people but by those who value social justice.”

    The British Horse Society is also keen to receive further information on the legislation and said: “The BHS would like to stress to the government that it must bear in mind the impact a ban would have on horse welfare and equestrian and related industries.”

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