Hunt saboteurs claim Surrey Union hunt killed a fox

  • Surrey Police are investigating an incident involving the Surrey Union hunt and a number of saboteurs on 5 January.

    Police were called to Ockley village green where the Surrey Union was trail hunting.

    A photograph of a dead fox being held up by a saboteur has been posted on the Hunt Saboteurs’ Association (HSA) website, with claims that hounds chased a fox along the A29 and “ripped it apart on the cricket pitch”.

    But joint-master Mark Sprake told H&H that antis deliberately sabotaged the trail the hunt was following, setting hounds on the scent of a live fox.

    “It resulted in a fox carcass being broken up by hounds in a very public place,” he said.

    A police spokesman said they are investigating a case of alleged illegal hunting.

    HSA spokesman Lee Moon added: “The Surrey Union are simply covering up the fact that they were caught chasing a fox in public view.”

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (31 January, ’08)

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