Cambridgeshire hunt stars in film

  • Followers of the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace hunt are set to get their 15 minutes of fame when the big-screen adaptation of the Noel Coward play Easy Virtue is released on 7 November.

    The film, which also stars Kristen Scott Thomas, Jessica Biel and Colin Firth, features hunting scenes that were filmed at Wimpole Hall
    near Cambridge.

    And the Cambridgeshire was asked to provide hounds, hunt staff and a field for the filming in February.

    Hunt subscriber Hazel Lambert was among 30 riders who took their horses along.

    “It was an absolutely fantastic experience but a very long day,” she told H&H.

    And although the riders didn’t get to meet the stars of the film, they had the distinction of all staying in the saddle during a gallop across an undulating field.

    “The only person to fall off was a stunt rider,” laughed Hazel, who as a taller member of the hunt was asked to play a man for the filming.

    All the extras were kitted out in 1920s riding wear, said joint-master Sacha Wheatley, which meant wide-leg jodhpurs and bowlers or top hats.

    For more on this, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (9 October 2008).

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