Anti-hunt campaigners suspected of phone torment

  • A couple who have no connections with the local hunt nor hunting have been beleaguered with vicious nuisance calls after their telephone number was used on a leaflet campaign by anti-hunt fanatics

    The couple – who do not wish to be named – runa boarding kennels near the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent hunt kennels. They have no idea why their telephone number has been used on the campaign. Local police are investigating.

    The couple have had to unplug their telephone at night – some of the calls have been coming through at 3am – but say they do not want to change their telephone number because they advertise their boarding kennels locally and in the Yellow Pages.

    Meanwhile, Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent huntsman Mark Bycroft, whois featured on the leaflet, has also involved local police.

    “This is the second time something like this has been circulated,” he said, “the first leaflet showed a photograph of me, my wife Victoria and our 18-month-old daughter, Lucy.

    “People who do this have no interest in animal welfare; they just want to cause trouble.”

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