Anarchists to attack Beaufort hunt

  • Two thousand anarchists are planning to disrupt the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt on 4 November.

    The poster touting the demo – for which “all the most militant” anarchists are being recruited from across Europe – begins “Smash the Beaufort Hunt. Why? Why not!” and continues with a seven-point campaign against the hunt and the royals who follow them.

    “These people are straight anarchists – it has little to do with foxhunting and is purely anti-establishment,” said Capt Ian Farquhar, joint-master and huntsman of the Duke of Beaufort’s.

    “In the past, they haven’t got the numbers, but obviously we are concerned and are liaising with the police.”

    Antony Brassey, hunt chairman, added: “The police are taking this seriously and we will be meeting with them nearer the time to discuss it.”

    Three police forces cover the Beaufort’s country and Mr Brassey said the hunt had a good relationship with all of them.

    North Wilts MP James Gray, a keen hunt supporter, said he was “horrified” to learn of the anarchists’ plans.

    “These people are vicious, mindless thugs of the worst kind. I just hope we can stop it.”

    The demo is being orchestrated by the London-based Movement Against the Monarchy.

    Its spokesman Steve Lewis said: “We will use Malmesbury as a central meeting point and then go to wherever the hunt is meeting that day. We will recruit all the most militant anarchists to come over – we’re already talking with anarchistgroups in Germany and France.”

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