Alternative to autumn hunting

  • Hunts are organising events during September to raise moral while hunting remains suspended

    Hunts around the country are organising morale-boosting events for September, the month whenautumn hunting traditionally commences.

    Hunting remains under DEFRA suspension due to the FMD outbreak at present, although the veterinary risk assessment is expected to be completed soon.

    Campaign for Hunting chairman Sam Butler is joint-master of the Warwickshire, one of the packs taking the initiative.

    “We have organised a series of rides on minor roads and bridleways to help followers get their horses fit. We hope that these will also encourage anyone who has not hunted before tocome out and meet us for an enjoyable 2-3hr hack, which will be followed by a barbeque, at which foot followers will also be very welcome,” he said.

    For information on the rides, contact Mrs Di McConnel (tel: 01608 685257).

    The Grafton huntare taking the opportunity to get their hounds out into the community, with five couple of hounds visiting venues such as local riding schools, where the masters will give a talk about hunting. There will be refreshments, and at suitable venues a mock hunt will be organised.

    For details, contact any of the joint-masters or Mrs P Hall (tel: 01327 830817).

    The Readyfield Bloodhounds are to hold hunter trials on Sunday, 16 September, at Readyfields, Notts. The hunt is also going ahead with itssponsored ride on 27 August, and plans a series of mock hunts on September Sundays.

    For details, contact Robert Bealby MBH (tel: 01623 822306).

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