Why try side-saddle?

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    Side-saddle riding may be achingly romantic, but it has other benefits, too

    • You sit higher off the animal’s back, so if your legs are starting to hang below your pony’s belly it’s one way to make him “last a bit longer”

    • It’s good for your riding, posture and the horse’s training since he has to be responsive to the aids

    • Despite being higher off the horse’s back, some people find that a side-saddle gives them a greater feeling of security

    • Since it’s hard to get ahead of the movement when jumping, some horses actually go better under a side-saddle

    • Side-saddle equitation classes do not require a proper “show horse”, but may still take you to some very smart shows

    • It’s simply beautiful; you’ll stop the traffic!

    For the full article on trying side-saddle, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (3 June, ’10)

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