Making the best of limited facilities — training tips

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    • Learn to drive a box or tow a trailer — travelling can be essential without facilities close at hand.
    • Find people locally who might be happy to share the cost of hiring an arena or cross-country course. Join a riding club — these often get reduced rates for training sessions.
    • Be organised and focused: plan your schooling sessions and pick out certain things you want to improve rather than trying to do everything. As eventer Jenny Watts says: “Perfect practice makes perfect”.
    • Make every hack count. Try to keep these as varied as possible and don’t slop along on a loose rein. Your horse has plenty of time to relax once he gets home.
    • If you’re schooling in a field, try not to go over the same ground repeatedly and make sure you poo-pick regularly.
    • Be realistic. Choose a horse who can adapt easily to your routine and how you plan to keep it.

    To find out more about training your horse with minimal facilities, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (24 February, 2011)

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    Find out more about training horses

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