Equine hydrotherapy in the heart of the Cotswolds

  • Hydrotherapy, long established as a successful treatment for humans, is now available for equines too at The Centre for Natural Equine Therapy, Glos.

    Ean and Sarah Jane Branston have recently converted the former dairy farm, near Bourton-on-the-Water, to provide a comprehensive range of natural therapies, for equines and humans, under one roof.

    Situated in 100 acres in the heart of the Cotswolds, equine facilities include 32 stables, solarium, three specially designed treatment boxes available for equine massage, acupuncture and low level laser treatment, horse walker and a rubbertrot-up with an overhead viewing facility, together with an indoor school and a four-furlong gallop.

    The centre specialises in equine spa treatment and has two specially designed walk-in equine spa baths, which are the first to be installed and available in Europe.

    Developed in Australia and now patented world-wide by Professor Evan Hunt, the equine spas were originally designed to replicate the beneficial effects of the sea, especially on lower limb injuries.

    A heavily saturated solution of Epsom salts and magnesium sulphate kept at a constant low temperature between 2-6 degrees C is pumped through front and back spa jets.

    Sarah Jane Branston, a former human therapist, explains:”I always wanted an equine therapy centre and the impetuscame while searching through the internet where I came across this system of hydrotherapy for horses.

    ” I e-mailed Professor Evan Hunt and three months later went to Australia to work with him. The spas and all the therapies here have vet approval -I want to work with vets, not against them.”

    Professor Evan Hunt will be visiting Britain in October and will be available to discuss his spa therapy system with vets.

    For more information contact Ean or Sarah Jane Branston at the Equine Therapy Centre (tel O1451 822969) or visit www.equinetherapycentre.

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