Understanding iridology

  • Eyes are often referred to as “the windows of the soul” and iridology (which is translated from Greek meaning ” the study of the colouration of the eye”) is the study of the iris.

    Because every part of the body is mapped out on well defined areas of the iris, iridology can reveal changing conditions of every part and organ of the body.

    Many believe that the iris can be used as indicator of current health and a tendency to inherit certain conditions.

    By studying marks, signs and discolouration, an iridologist can identify health problems such as an over or under activity in a specific area rather than a specific disease.For example and underactive pancreas might be an indication of diabetes.

    How does it work in horses?

    Its use in animals is of particular importance, especially as they cannot communicate any discomfort. Although there is no map of the horse’s iris currently available, several iridologists are currently working on producing one.

    Iridology is the science of assessing horse health by analysing the fibre structure and colour of the iris of the eye. It enables the constitution of the horse to be assessed, showing organ strengths and weaknesses, as well as the inherited constitution of the horse.

    Where can I find a trained iridologist?

    Ellen Collinson is the UK’s only registered equine herbalist and iridologist and is a member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists. Her work is approved by The Veterinary Medicines Directorate in the UK.

    Ellen, who is based in Co Tipperary, Ireland, travels all over the world and regularly visits Britain. “I fly over to England every six weeks or so and usually stay for around 10 days,” she said.

    Using a magnifying glass and torch Ellen examines the horse’s eyes looking for colour, spots, marks and lines which can indicate an underlying problem.

    Ellen says: “Many owners are surprised to find that their horse is unconcerned by me looking at their eyes. I trained as a human iridologist with the sole intention of transferring to horses and have been an equine iridologist for seven years. During that time there have been only a handful of horses who I have not been able to examine.”

    How much does it cost?

    Travel expenses vary, but Ellen can arrange visits to coincide with others patients in an area. Each session costs around £25, although large groups can reduce the cost .

    Who uses it?

    Iridology can be used on all horses from hacks to hunters, Ellen has several high profile racing trainers among her clients, including Lady Herries, Amanda Perrett and David Elsworth.

    Opinion of Ellen’s work among vets is divided. She says some readily accept her work and are keen to work alongside her, while others are sceptical.

    Click here to read some of Ellen’s case studies.

    For more information contact Horse Health (tel: 01798 875 337) or visit www.iridology.com

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