Q&A: What is Bowen Equus ?

  • Q: Could you please tell me about Bowen Equus? I’ve heard a few people talking about it at my yard and I’d love to learn more.

    A:Bowen Equus is a treatment that involves specific moves across tendons and muscles using thumbs and fingers to apply a rolling action.

    This gentle stimulation, often carried out over or alongacupuncture meridian lines, seeks to balance muscles, which in turn align the skeletal system, taking pressure off internal organs and so promoting good, functional health.

    Each treatment usually takes about 45 minutes, during which any changes in the horse’s condition and behaviour are constantly monitored.

    Owners may see an improvement in that first session, but the healing process will continue for some time afterwards.

    A second treatment should then take place between seven and 10 days later.

    While one to three treatments may be entirely appropriate for horses, which are already in good conditions, more serious problems may need several visits before the body is balanced and the animal is moving correctly again.

    Conditions that Bowen Equus may benefit include:

    • Stiffness on one rein
    • Pulling
    • Stretching on tightness of the neck or a tendency to hold the head high or low
    • Tightening in front or apparent restriction of scapula (shoulder) movement
    • Uneveness of motion, perhaps with some saddle slippage
    • A deterioration in performance
    • A shortened stride
    • Canter lead problems or disunited paces
    • A sore or cold back
    • sore or tense withers
    • Muscle wastage or uneven muscle development
    • Restricted motion, perhaps with stiffness or obvious discomfort
    • Not tracking up or over-tracking
    • Moving close or wide

    For more information contact Bowen Equus (tel: 01580 860246)

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