Land Rover donates wheels to Royal Vet College

  • The Royal Veterinary College at North Mymms in Hertfordshire has teamed up with Diamond Land Rover.

    Diamond Land Rover has supplied two Land Rover Discoveries and two Land Rover Freelanders free of charge.

    This will give The Royal Veterinary College more vehicles to enable the students and vets to attend call outs to its farming clients.

    The Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak has focused attention on the importance of training of veterinary surgeons for the future.

    Professor Gary England said: “The association with Land Rover will increase the profile of the Royal Veterinary College’s Large Animal Practice and will be of significant benefit to both our staff and students.

    “The Large Animal Practice is backed by the most modern facilities of The Royal Veterinary College’s hospitals. We have recently recruited a very experienced veterinary surgeon, Jason Tupper, to our equine team and look forward to our continued expansion and liaison with Diamond Landrover. ”

    Professor England also said that the Large Animal Practice had continued to provide service to its clients, despite the turmoil of the current Foot and Mouth outbreak.


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